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7 Things I Always Take on Vacation

Every time you go on a trip its pretty standard to take the required amount of outfits (and extra for messy little kids!) And I'm sure you have your basic packing list for weekend trips and long trips. (Pinterest is full of lists for packing!) Have you ever thought about the things that you take with you whether it's an overnight trip or a long get-away? I certainly have my favorite things that "I can't live without." Some of my cherished items I take with me even when leaving the house for the day! And all of these things I take with me whether it's a trip to the mountains or to the beach.

These are my favorite things that make my life easier when I'm traveling:

1. A lightweight hiking backpack: I found this Patagonia backpack at a resale store here in Okinawa and I'm so glad I grabbed it! I love it because it fits everything I need for a day trip, it can be carried as a shoulder bag or a backpack, and it is water resistant. And when we're traveling it saves me from needing to carry a purse, too. It also has shoulder and hip straps so when I load it down with goodies it helps to lighten the load.

2. Running shoes/sandals: When we travel one of my favorite ways to get to know the new area is to go for a run. I love taking in the world from my own two feet because I see so many more things than I would from behind the windshield of a car. Since buying my Luna Sandals last summer it's all I wear for running, biking, hiking, walking, and even grocery shopping. In fact, I rarely travel with shoes other than my Lunas since I realized how versatile they are. I would be hard-pressed to fit in all the reasons I love my Luna Sandals so suffice it to say - I wear these everywhere for everything!

3. A reusable water bottle that doubles as a coffee mug: I'm pretty sure that title covers it but I always pack a water bottle when traveling. I love the Hydro Flask because I can use it for coffee in the morning and then use it to drink water the rest of the day. We have one for each family member now and I love how versatile and durable they are.

4. My Kindle Paperwhite for reading all the books: I never want to be without a good book while traveling! It used to annoy me to carry several books (just in case I finished one and wanted to start another) during trips. I also don't like the bulkiness or extra weight. I received my Kindle Paperwhite as a gift for Mother's Day back in 2015 and I have loved it ever since! It is the perfect traveling companion for any bibliophile. I can have several books going at once (heaven!) and start a new one whenever I want to.

5. My camera - DSLR and phone camera: I use both of my cameras a lot while traveling. My DSLR is an "oldie but goodie" but never lets me down when I want a frame-worthy shot. I have forgotten it before and also decided it would be easier to just leave it at home during trips and I've always regretted it! I also use my phone's camera quite a bit because sometimes it's just more convenient to pull it out for a quick picture instead of fiddling with my "big" camera's settings.

6. A hat and sunblock: I know this is technically two in one but they couldn't go together anymore perfectly! We are a family of fair-skinned people that need sun protection so when we are enjoying the outdoors I always try and wear a hat. I usually travel with a ball cap and a wide-brimmed hat since they pack so well. I always have a bottle of sunscreen in my backpack, too. This one from Alba Botanica is a great traveling companion and the smell doesn't give me a headache.

7. Homemade granola and trail mix: I've saved the best for last again! There are lots of great options for getting snacks here in Okinawa but sometimes I just want food that I have made myself so I know exactly what the ingredients are. (And I get tired of all the extra plastic trash.) Not all food travels well but I love that granola and trail mix can take a beating in my backpack. And I can use my favorite reusable sandwich bags for it! I always feel better knowing I have a healthy snack for when the hangry hits. Which is inevitable while traveling!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what's in my backpack when I travel! Tell me - what are some of the things you never leave home without?


This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for always supporting me and sharing in our journey!

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