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Fifi Parlor

On a recent trip up north to the Nago area we needed a pick-me-up. It was a hot, sunny summer day. We had been to the beach, done some sight seeing, and felt like we had driven all over. The kids wanted a cold treat and the parents wanted a cold coffee. I found a place close to us that had drinks and they had me at "Fifi!"

Fifi Parlor has all the important stuff - parfaits for the kids, cold coffee for the parents, and tacos if you need a bite to eat. Even better than all that is the location of the restaurant. It's situated right on the coast with an open and beautiful porch. It has several swings and plenty of places to sit down and take a load off. There are also beautiful trees surrounding the property that are the perfect shade on those hot and humid days. My kids had a blast walking on the little beach and searching for treasures.

Fifi Parlor is located very close to Yagaji Island and Kouri Island. Depending on which way you drive through Nago you may have even passed right by it. There are two parking lots, one right before you pass Fifi Parlor and one right after. The building where you order food looks like small, mid-century modern space ship and it's tucked away in the trees. If you pass by it, you definitely won't miss the huge porch with swings and a view of the ocean!

We ordered two "Fifi Parfaits," a cold "Long Black" coffee, mango juice, and ginger ale. The drinks were all amazing but everyones' favorite was the parfait. They were cold and refreshing and one of the most decadent parfaits we've ever had! It had homemade crunchy granola on top of whipped cream, cheesecake bites, and brownie bites. At the bottom was fresh passionfruit and mango juice. I don't know how they got so many delicious things into one cup! If you've never had a cup of ice cold mango juice or passion fruit juice you're missing out. We don't drink a lot of juice but these are always a special treat for the kids.

The coffee that is served at Fifi Parlor is roasted by a local coffee shop called Flap Coffee. It is another great place to visit in Nago if you enjoy freshly roasted coffee and pastries. The coffee is so fresh and flavorful that you really can't go wrong with a black coffee!

If you're in a rush to your next destination you could easily get your order to go, but I would recommend staying awhile and taking in the beauty of the area. We walked the shores of the ocean and talked to a local fisherman about what he was catching. This part of Nago is surrounded by resorts and you can see many of them on Yagaji Island while sitting on the porch at Fifi Parlor.

Fifi Parlor just opened in July of 2020 and it already seems like it's become a popular cafe in Okinawa! It has a wonderful laid-back atmosphere. The swings and porch invite you to stay and take your time while you look out at Yagaji Island across the cove. It would be a great place to stop and have a cup of locally roasted coffee while you plan out your next Nago adventure!

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