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Hi, I'm Allie. Thanks for visiting me here!
I am a culinary artist and amateur photographer with a genuine love for the outdoors. I enjoy sharing my experiences in this little space. I hope to encourage others to take care of themselves and the world around us. 
My family has been traveling the United States from east to west since 2005. We are currently exploring the sunny island of Okinawa and we look forward to making this our best move yet.  We enjoy the rugged, tranquil life on the northern parts of the island. 
I homeschool our kids using a mix of different styles and I am passionate about allowing kids to follow their learning styles. We also do a lot of interest-led learning and spend as much time outside as possible. I am passionate about passing on a deep affection for our planet to all children.
I love recipe development and turning not-so-healthy recipes into healthy ones that can be enjoyed by everyone. I truly delight in helping people make healthy swaps. It especially makes me happy to see my family enjoy healthy food.
Feel free to follow along as I blog about our school life, food and travels with our 3 kids!
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