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7 Reasons Why I Run

Running the farm roads of Ginoza

If you've had a look around my Instagram I'm sure you've noticed that I love being outside and I love documenting a nice run. (And if you're not on Instagram, you're really missing out on some fun and encouraging insta-friends!) I've been running since I was in college and it originally started as a way to just blow off some steam and it quickly turned into training for a half marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. And while I haven't run a half marathon since, I still enjoy going for a run! Just like with any goals in life, it's important to remember why you started something and why you are doing it.

Here are my 7 reasons that I continue to run:

1. Time Outside - Being a full-time stay at home mom and teacher to my kids can be a demanding job. Sometimes I forget that I need to leave the house when my to-do list is long. Remembering that I need fresh air, sunshine and to move my body reminds me that I need to run! Added bonus - my kids benefit when they join me on their bikes. Everyone gets some much needed time outside when I go for a run.

2. I'm an Example to my Kids - Speaking of those cool kids I'm with all day, they benefit when they see me make running a priority. I would be disappointed with myself if they went into adulthood without a positive example of what it looks like to take care of your body and how rewarding it can be to go for a run. Not to mention that the feeling of pride and accomplishment that we achieved together stays with you long after the run ends.

3. Head Space - All those terms that can be used interchangeably - sanity, clarity, mental health, room to think - they are reasons that I run. Sometimes I come up with whole blog posts on a run. The motivation to string words together hits me and I'm thankful for that moment of mental clarity! If I've had a long day I know that a run will help me chill out and clear my thoughts before trying to take on the rest of the day.

4. Better Sleep - If I let a long day get to me without moving my body and releasing some stress inevitably my sleep will be interrupted. I always, always sleep better after going for a run whether that run was in the morning or if it was after dinner. I'm sure you've seen the studies on how exercise helps you sleep better but if you'd like to read more about why it's a good habit check out this article from "Runner's World."

5. Heart Health - Running or exercising on a regular basis can help to strengthen that important muscular organ. Since I can, I want to do things to benefit my heart instead of put stress on it. As with most exercises, if you're not used to running, it's best to double check with a doctor to find out if your heart can sustain that type of activity. I want to ensure I feel my best and one of the ways for me to do that is to take care of my heart.

6. Endurance - Running has helped me to not get winded too easily and it has helped me be able to sustain other forms of movement like biking, swimming and kayaking. The endurance I gain from running is also beneficial for keeping up with my kids! I want them to grow up and remember that we can do fun things together and I don't say no due to being out of shape. I want to be able to tackle challenges each day and I love that running has better equipped me for this!

7. Eating - Yup, I saved the best for last! I think most people can agree they enjoy eating a hearty meal and the occasional dessert no matter what your dietary restrictions are. Knowing that I've worked hard on a run for a delicious meal can help me to enjoy it even more. Fueling my body in ways that help it function optimally and then using that energy on a run leaves you with that sought after "runner's high." I love how eating right and running can work together so well!

Often times when I have more reasons to do something than not to, I won't talk myself out of it. I hope that you have awesome reasons to get your body moving but if you need to borrow one of my reasons go ahead! Just make it a point to get outside, even huffing and puffing, and walk/run, shuffle, jog or run. Get moving!

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