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Quick, Easy, & Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

If you're looking at that bag of "healthy" and "delicious" chicken nuggets in the freezer section of the grocery store STOP what you're doing! Read the ingredients (if you can) and see if you really want that in your kids' bodies just for the sake of a quick meal. I'm just like you - I'm always tempted by those pretty labels and the promise of some extra time in the evening. But since we've been making an effort to cut out processed foods, nearly everything from the freezer section has been eliminated.

Here is a kid-friendly dinner idea for you! I love this recipe because it comes together so quickly and it doesn't require any prep work early in the day. Maybe you're like me and had a day where you didn't think about dinner "until it was too late." I love thinking about my next meal, but some days we have to run errands and some days we just have too much fun to be tied to the kitchen. As long as your chicken is thawed you'll be able to have dinner on the table in 30 minutes flat!

This recipe is kid-friendly because the little nugget pieces are just so fun and easy to eat! A perfect finger food for your kids. My kids have even compared these to their favorite Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets! The spice mixture is also easy to change up if you think your kids won't like it. You can leave out any spice that you or your kids don't like and swap it for something else, or just leave the spice out all together.

If you've never made chicken nuggets like this don't worry - it's super easy once you have it all laid out in an assembly line.

  • First lay out the cut up chicken pieces.

  • Then place the bowl with the beaten egg and water.

  • Next to that put the bowl with the almond flour/flaxseed spice mixture.

  • At the end place a sheet pan covered with parchment paper to put the dredged chicken nuggets on until you're ready to pop it in the oven.

The nugget assembly line

Every time I make this the chicken nuggets turn out so tender and juicy! And the options for dipping sauces are endless. Ketchup and mayonnaise are usually top picks for kids but a quick honey mustard mixture would be delicious, too.

I like to cut up our favorite veggies to go along with these chicken nuggets (usually a mix of bell peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes) and we dip them in hummus. Sliced veggies are perfect because no extra cooking is required for that part.

Pan of chicken nuggets ready to bake!

So get ready for a quick and easy dinner that will make everyone happy! And here's a pro-tip: double the recipe and freeze half for an even quicker meal in the future.

Make sure you save the free printable to your Quick Dinner Pinterest Board or your phone to make it even easier to shop for this recipe. And tag me in your pictures over on Instagram when you make it!

You should feel great knowing you've made a healthy choice for yourself and your family!!

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