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Ocean Education and How You Can Learn More!

This is the second blog post in a series on ocean conservation. You can find the first post here.

Ok, so you've read my first blog post in the ocean conservation series and now you're here ready to learn more. I am continually educating myself and learning new things on this topic. Sometimes I happen upon people or organizations working on this issue through social media, sometimes it's from a podcast and sometimes I search for new ways to educate my kids. In this blog post I'm going to share with you some of my favorite people and organizations I've found as well as some fun shows to watch with your family!

Netflix has recently added some excellent documentaries that will broaden your view of the health of our oceans. Here are a few of my favorites:

-Mission Blue This documentary follows Dr. Sylvia Earle and her recent campaign to help save the oceans and keep them blue. She has been diving since the 1960s and is still going strong with diving (as well as traveling the world to educate everyone she can!) This is my favorite of all the ocean documentaries and Dr. Earle presents the issue in a non-emotional way that is so relatable.

-One Strange Rock This documentary is narrated by Will Smith and it follows several different astronauts as they talk about the ways their eyes have been opened to the wonders of our earth. You get to see why diatoms are vitally important to our lives and how the ocean sustains the air we breathe.

-A Plastic Ocean Get a first-hand look at all of that plastic polluting our oceans. This documentary follows a film maker as he travels the worlds oceans to capture the issue plaguing the ocean. I used this documentary as a teaching tool when beginning to delve into this subject with my kids. It was excellent for note-taking.

-Chasing Coral One of the side effects of all the plastic in the ocean is an increased level of acidity which bleaches and eventually kills the coral. This documentary doesn't sugar coat it and really shows you what the first, second and third order affects are on our oceans' animals.

There are also some organizations that are doing incredible work to help save the oceans. If you want to support people working in this field right now these are some great starting places. Visit the websites to learn more about them and see where the "internet rabbit trail" leads you!

Mission Blue - I previously mentioned Dr. Sylvia Earle and her documentary on Netflix. This is her alliance that is working everyday to educate and protect our oceans. Dr. Earle is creating "hope spots" in the ocean where there is no international law to protect the oceans. She is working hard to amass public support for a global network of protected marine areas.

SeaLegacy - This organization started from a National Geographic photographer, Paul Nicklen, and his desire to stop the destruction he was faced with. He has been using his voice and his camera to educate people that don't have the opportunity to go on expeditions to see it face-to-face. SeaLegacy is doing huge conservation work and #turningthetide. You should also check out his Instagram for more pictures and stories!

Endurothon Oz - This is the creation of one man fed up with the plastic he kept finding on the beaches of Australia. Kieren Devisser decided that something must be done and he would cycle, kayak and run across Australia to raise $1 million to clean our oceans. He is now training for the big event so get on board and support his journey to stop plastic pollution. Kieren also posts great information on his Instagram.

Our oceans are not a lost cause. They are still a beautiful sustainer of life. I hope that you have found encouragement in people that are working hard day in and day out to keep them clean. Up next in this blog series will be tangible ways that you and your family can start making a difference to help eliminate plastic pollution. So remember to put all your new information to a good use and read here for more ways on how to do that!

And let me know if you follow a person or organization that is working hard to save our oceans!

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1 Comment

Betty Adams
Betty Adams
Jun 21, 2019

Great Allie! Just found your blog. Why haven't I heard of it before..



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