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Immune Boosting Smoothie

If you're planning to travel this summer then this recipe is for you! Every part of this smoothie will help keep your immunity at its strongest. Don't forget to stay hydrated as well when you know your immune system will be compromised. And if you can avoid sugar, too, then you will be feeling great for whatever adventures you go on this summer!

We all know that oranges and lemons are high in Vitamin C but did you know that kiwis take the cake? One cup of kiwi packs 167 milligrams of Vitamin C while oranges provide 96 milligrams of Vitamin C in a cup. That's still amazing, but if we're talking about boosting our immunity then choosing fruit highest in Vitamin C is a smart choice.

Whether you choose kale or spinach you are choosing a nutrient dense superfood that is full of Vitamin A! And believe it or not but they also pack a punch of Vitamin C!

I also love putting chia seeds in my smoothies because they provide Omega-3s which my body can't produce on it's own. They also provide plenty of fiber and antioxidants.

I try to add turmeric to all of my smoothies because it's another superfood. If you don't have access to fresh turmeric then turmeric powder is a great option. Turmeric is great for detoxifying the liver which is vitally important to a healthy immunity. If your liver isn't functioning properly and optimally then your immunity could be at risk.

The last important ingredient in this smoothie is the kombucha. I make homemade kombucha every week and it's been a gut-changer for the whole family! It is packed full of gut-healthy probiotics which helps all of those superfoods to be properly absorbed into your body. It's the perfect way to end an immunity boosting smoothie!

This is a great smoothie to start drinking a week before traveling, but even if you don't have travel plans, adding this to a weekly regiment will help keep your body at its healthiest. (If you would like to get the kids in your life drinking veggie smoothies then check out this post!) I hope you enjoy this Powerhouse of vitamins and minerals that will help to protect your immune system!

Remember to save the free printable to your Smoothie Pinterest board and tag me in your pictures when you make this Immune Boosting Smoothie!


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