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Kid-Approved Veggie Smoothie

If you struggle to get your kids to eat veggies then a fruit smoothie might be a good thing to add to your routine. You can hide a ton of veggies in one small drink. And hot summer days can be the perfect time to start introducing a cool, refreshing smoothie!

Let's talk about the ingredients...

Spinach is the perfect veggie to start with for kid-approval. It is easily hidden because the flavor is mild. I always try to buy organic, fresh spinach but if I find a good bunch of spinach at the farmers market then I will clean it and freeze it to use later for smoothies. You can hide lots of other veggies and I've been known to use any combination of kale, cucumbers, pumpkin, celery, carrots, and even beets (although the flavor of these is not for the faint of heart!)

Fresh or frozen fruit works great in all smoothies. If you use frozen fruit you will get more of a sorbet end result but if you want it thinner then fresh fruit is perfect for that. Use whatever your kids enjoy the most. If your kids prefer berries then use all berries! If your kids love bananas do that!

Chia seeds and flax seeds act as a thickener but they're so much more than that! Chia seeds contain tons of healthy omega-3 fatty acids which are important for every person. They can also help you feel fuller longer since they are gelatinous. Flax seeds are a great source of fiber and also those super important omega-3s. They have a slight nutty flavor but when you're using just a tablespoon you won't notice them at all.

Whey protein is not all created equal! I've done a lot of research to find one that I feel confident giving my kids. When looking for a whey protein it's super important to look at the source. Tera's Whey Protein Powder is sourced from small family farms in Wisconsin. I also don't go for the vanilla or chocolate flavored ones. I know, super purist. But I don't want the flavor of my smoothies or pancakes to be affected by the protein powder (and I avoid extra added sugar!) The protein powder will also thicken the smoothie a little but won't change the flavor. I even put this protein powder in macaroni and cheese! It makes me feel ok giving my kids a childhood staple.

Greek yogurt is another great addition to make smoothies more filling and perfect for a meal substitute. Again, I'm a purist with my yogurt. I only buy full-fat (nothing fake here!) and I only buy plain, unflavored yogurt. This is another great way to avoid added sugars and preservatives.

And finally, the liquid you use is also important. My favorite liquid to use is my homemade kombucha because it makes the smoothies full of gut-healthy probiotics! My other favorite liquid is coconut water because the flavor is so mild and it is excellent for rehydrating.

I hope you enjoyed my dissection of the ingredients and why I put these in smoothies for my kids. Make sure to save the printable to your Pinterest board or photos on your phone so you can start making smoothies this summer! And tag me in your pictures of your kid-approved, healthy smoothies!


This post contains affiliate links. Thank you so much for always supporting me and sharing in our journey!

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