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Todoroki Waterfall

If you can believe it, Okinawa is full of so much more natural beauty than just the sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Okinawa is also covered in mountainous, jungle areas with waterfalls to explore, too. Some waterfalls include a strenuous hike before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, but the Todoroki Waterfall has something for everyone no matter what your fitness level is.

The Todoroki Waterfall is easy to access if you're headed north into Nago. You could spend a whole day there or it could be a side trip on the way to another destination. You don't need any hiking skills and you don't even have to get wet if you don't want to!

The Todoroki Waterfall Park has recently been renovated and they charge a small entrance fee but it is worth it to enjoy the beauty of the park. There are gazebos with picnic tables and games set out on each table. There is a huge grassy field perfect for running around and playing soccer. There are also lots of vending machines and helpful guides ready to assist you with any questions.

All throughout the park kids splash in the streams. My kids had a great time unearthing tadpoles, searching for geckos, and identifying the different types of trees. And if you go in the summer it's the perfect time to take a dip in the swimming hole! The whole park is relaxing and fun to explore.

If you want to get off the paved paths there are plenty of hiking trails to check out. There is an easy walk down to a stream that is shallow and easy to wade through. There is also a series of three waterfalls that are accessible above the main waterfall. We didn't hike to these when we went but we still had a great time admiring the main waterfall and playing in the streams.

If you need a break from the beach and the pool then check out Todoroki Waterfall. Or if you just want to enjoy a waterfall without a long hike then this is the place for you! Pack a picnic and your camera for this beautiful spot on Okinawa!

**This is also an amazing spot to watch the cherry blossoms bloom! The dates that they bloom are different every year but we were able to see them during the second week of February.

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