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Destination Paradise

September 2019


Featuring articles:

"A Weekend on Iejima"


"Okinawa Dragon Boat Races"




Stars & Stripes Japan

September 23, 2019

We made a day trip to Iejima and were instantly in love. The ferry ride from the Okinawa main island...



Stars & Stripes Okinawa

November 19, 2019


If you've spent any time in Japan you know it's often difficult to find unpackaged food. Thankfully Okinawa has Green Leaf...


Stars & Stripes Okinawa

February 22, 2020


One of our favorite parts of Okinawa to explore is Nago. It is mountainous, covered with jungles, and full of areas to check out!

The Nago Castle Park is just one small part...

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